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Mergers are considered the most complex form of business combination, especially in terms of interests conciliation. This type of transaction demands that players from different markets, even with different levels of maturity, conduct a full re-evaluation of their competitive and strategic positions. A well-built merger can be a decisive factor in the continuity, expansion or diversification of businesses, leading to synergy gains in distribution and logistics, cost structure, manufacturing process, human resources, technology and geographical presence.

Due to the complexity and time consumed in transactions of this nature, it is essential to count on a specialized advisory so that the executives keep their focus in the day-to-day business.

Camaya Partners’ support in mergers projects covers everything from the search for strategic partners that can bring tremendous synergy gains to feasibility analysis, the business evaluation, negotiation and preparation of shareholders agreements, conducting the process in a way that minimizes risks and anticipates market opportunities and potential conflicts between partners.

Our advisory services in mergers projects include:

  • Understanding of the shareholders’ objectives;
  • Company valuation;
  • Defining the goals and purposes of the merger;
  • Estimation and modeling of synergies;
  • Identification and analysis of best practices;
  • Coordination of due diligence;
  • Mediation of negotiations until the closing of the final agreement.
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