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The issuance of debt securities can be an interesting alternative for companies seeking to raise funds through structured financing operations. The most common types of securities issued by companies are corporate bonds such as guaranteed bonds, income bonds, zero-coupon bonds, corporate commercial papers and debentures.

Camaya Partners provides full support in the structuring of debt issuance operations, coordinating the process from the investment prospectus preparation, coordination of legal and accounting audit teams, negotiation with financial institutions and road show with investors, until the offer’s release.

Some benefits of issuing securities:

  • Long-term fundraising without changing the company’s control;
  • Funding structure tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise;
  • Flexibility in terms, conditions and guarantees, which allows to adjust interest payments and amortization to the project’s characteristics and the company’s resource availability;
  • Substantially lower funding costs;
  • Income tax deduction by accounting of interest payment as financial expense.
Debt Issues - Camaya Partners
Debt Issues - Camaya Partners