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Going public gives the company access to more attractive financing sources and places it in a position of major advantage over its competitors, guaranteeing capacity to carry out investments in expansion projects, both organically and through acquisitions.

Camaya Partners offers a complete advisory solution for companies wishing to go public, coordinating the entire process from preparation of the offering prospectus, coordination of legal and accounting audit teams, negotiation with financial institutions and road show with investors, until the offering implementation.

The benefits for a company going public are numerous:

  • Access to financing sources at significantly lower costs
  • Increased credibility with financial institutions, suppliers and customers
  • Improved institutional image
  • Increased level of corporate governance
  • Diversification of financing sources¹
  • Better suit of the leveraged capital structure¹
  • Facilitation of the succession planning and investment diversification²
  • Liquidity on the exit of investors via capital markets²
¹ Primary Offering: characterized by the issuance of shares aimed at raising funds for the company
Secondary Offering: characterized by the sale of shares seeking equity liquidity
IPO Preparation - Camaya Partners
IPO Preparation - Camaya Partners